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Lawn Core Aeration - Turf Lab, Inc.
     Did you ever wonder what caused those little round "plugs" at the golf course? They were the result of Core-Aeration.  
     Aerifying, the removal  of small  plugs, is done  with our specially designed equipment, which rolls over your lawn,  systematically  removing the  soil plugs.
     Done annually, aerifying is another positive step in the ENVIRONCAREsm
Turf Management system and will benefit your lawn investment in these ways:

  • ​Reduces soil compaction and helps create the proper soil, air, water relationship.
  • Increases the movement of air, moisture and nutrients down to the root-zone and stimulates new growth.
  • Cuts below ground rhizomes and above ground stolons to promote a vigorous top and lateral growth response.
  • Decreases the possibility of insect and disease problems.
  • Helps prevent  rainwater  run-off by allowing  moisture to reach the root-zone faster and deeper, which in turn can reduce irrigation needs.
  • Helps control thatch build-up by  increasing micro-organism activity, allowing thatch to decompose more naturally (microbes feed on dead & decaying plant parts).
  • Increases your lawn's overall stress threshold.
     Professional Lawn Core Aeration is an important part of good turf management. When combined with proper fertilization/pest control, irrigation and mowing, Aeration is another step towards producing a healthy and beautiful lawn.
Over-seeding is best done just  after Core  Aeration.  New cultivars are introduced to your existing  lawn for a dramatic long term improvement
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